Thursday, 28 February 2008

Hirst Arts molds - 2.

A little further explaination is required here with regard to Hirst Arts molds. They consist of silicon rubber molds designed to reproduce in molding plaster architectural components and features suitable for a wide range of building eras. The range covers everything from ancient Egyptian through mediaeval to science-fiction. The scale of the components is typically intended for 25-30mm figures, but in fact any size model can be built. Some of the excellent work displayed by modellers on the Hirst Arts forum has to be seen to be believed. I've seen pictures of a computer casing made in the style of a Warhammer 40K cathedral!
Shown above (with my rather inadequate web-cam) are the three molds I bought recently. All are from the Gothic range and allow me to make "stone" blocks for walling, doors, arches, roofing and floor tiles. My first set of castings suffered from a bad plaster mix (my fault - too much water and added too late) but by the second batch I was getting the hang of it. It's surprising how quickly the castings accumulate, but I've read that it's also surprising how quickly they get used up in a project.
Some may remember the Tower project I described in earlier posts. This is intended to be a feature on the wargames table around which the forces of Hetzenberg and the Margravate will do battle. Whilst the tower itself is finished, I need additional structures and a wall for the base on which it stands. These molds will allow me to construct the new features in the style I planned, quickly and cheaply.
I should point out that I have no connection with Hirst Arts other than as a satisfied customer. The molds are easy to use if the clear directions given on the company's website are followed. There's a certain satisfaction to be had in seeing the components emerge shiny fresh from the molds, and I'm looking forward to the pleasure of creating new structures with them.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Hirst Arts molds.

My Hirst Arts molds arrived yesterday, a much welcome addition to my modelling equipment! A first batch ordered in January was lost in the mail, but Bruce kindly and quickly sent replacements. I bought three of the Gothic range, as they seem to be best-suited to my 18th Century and RPG projects. At the moment I'm just experimenting using plaster of Paris to get the techniques down before moving on to the more professionally rated and durable molding plasters.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Margrave's men and about a map.

A better image of the 1st Regiment of the Margrave's army.


Here's a better photo of the Margrave's men, taken in daylight. I had intended to post a copy of my blank hexagon-based campaign map too, but as it weighs in at over 2 Mb even in jpeg format I decided to spare my readers the hassle of downloading the brute.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Margravate of Dunkeldorf-Pfühl: 1st Line Regiment.

Not the best of images, but I think it shows the Margrave's 1st Line Regiment is nearing completion. The standard bearers are Holger Eriksson figures and the rest are Spencer Smith.


This is the first time I've painted any of this range, and it's been an experience. The detail on the figurines is only hinted at in most places, which requires a bit more concentration with the brush than I expected. Even so, with my new policy of - "if it can't be seen from more than three feet away it don't get painted," they work very well when seen en-masse. I just have a few details to add then they'll be ready for basing.


In between times I've been working on a hexagon-based blank map ready to sculpt the campaign world on and it's nearly finished. There are plenty of mapping programs out there but although I downloaded a few my elderly PC doesn't seem to like them much. A number of options are available in the shape of downloadable ready-made hex-blanks, so I got one of those and adapted it. It should be finished by tomorrow, so I'll post it here.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Another Revolutionary War photo

The North Carolina Militia with the Maryland and Delaware regiment await the British attack. Two concerned Patriot commanders hover in the far background as they study Cornwallis's developing flank attack.

I'm back from my sabbatical and busy with wargame-related projects again. The master map for the Hetzenberg campaign is taking shape and the first regiment of the Margrave's army is nearing completion.


In the meantime I offer another shot of the Revolutionary War game fought last Friday. The figures are a mixture of Front Rank and Old Glory miniatures, painted by Chris Cope of the New Buckenham wargamers.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Revolutionary War game - Friday 15 Feb.

A bridge too far? The Patriots await the coming of the British army.

The British army advances on the bridge. Nearest the camera are the cavalry and infantry regiments commanded by "Light Horse Harry" Lee. The Virginia Rifles line the river bank while the Maryland and Delaware regiment waits in support.

The Hessian light infantry and Foot Guards begin to cross the river. Facing them are the brave boys of the North Carolina militia.

Light Horse Harry Lee's cavalry meets trouble from the Royal Artillery as the Virginia Continental regiment keeps the Foot Guards at bay.

The British and Hessian troops turn the Patriots' right flank. The British flanking force can be seen turning their left in the distance just beyond the farm.

The death of Cornwallis...

All photos by Cindy Appel.
28mm Figures by various manufacturers.
Not Hetzenberg - but at least in the right century. I present a few shots of the Revolutionary War game fought out on Friday evening. The Patriots were charged with defending a bridge against a British force headed by Cornwallis himself. Cornwallis was out for revenge after the Patriots roughed-up "Bloody Ban" Tarleton's boys the previous week.

The battle was going fairly well for the Patriots as they held the British at the riverline - until a rustling in the woodlands on their left announced the unexpected arrival of a British flank march. With all Patriot units fully engaged in the effort to hold the river, the battle line was turned as dusk began to fall. The 42nd Foot pressed the Maryland and Delaware regiment back from its foothold on the bridge. Unfortunately for Cornwallis, it was to be his last battle. He was shot down by a man from Maryland at the very moment of his victory.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Sudan

The opening phase of the Sudan wargame this past Friday night. I commanded the Anglo-Egyptian force nearest the viewer. My task was to take the village in the mid-distance. Unfortunately, my force didn't last too long...


The British relief column can just be made out in the distance top center of the photo. The main Mahdist column can be seen at top left. This would give the British column a lot of grief before being driven off.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Progress report - 15.

The grenadier company, IR 3 Bräbenachel.

I'm still around, but due to family commitments wargaming has taken a back seat for a while. In the meantime I've posted a pic of the latest recruits to the Hetzenberg army. Once funds permit I'll add the last two regiments with the integral artillery battery to the first brigade. Watch this space...