Monday, 13 September 2010

Koh Koh Mah 2010

I'd like to invite anyone who's in Indiana next weekend to come visit the

It's one of the most popular and best organized events of its kind in the Midwest, with plenty of 18th century goodness to see and do. Cindy and I will be heading that way to rejoin the ranks of the 78th (Frazier) Highlanders and take up muskets against the perfidious French.

God Save the King!
The Grand Duchy of Hetzenberg will be on hold for a few weeks. Cindy injured her arm on Friday 13th last month (I know!), and needs help to do even minor chores for a while. She's recovering but the medical process takes time to negotiate.
I'm also preparing for the Archon 34 sci-fi convention in October, where I'll be exhibiting in the art hall. Worry not - Mary Amadeus and Ursula shall return!