Thursday, 1 August 2013

Resale value of Imagination armies?

That's the question occupying my mind at the moment. Many a gamer has gone down the route of purchasing figures and painting them up according to his own imaginary army's system. But, can they be sold on? 

The reason why I ask is I'm considering downscaling the Hetzenberg and Margravate armies to 10mm, using the excellent Pendraken and Old Glory figures. Back in the day when the Grand Duchy of Hetzenberg was a gleam in my eye, 10mm was one option to follow, but I decided my aging eyesight wasn't up to the task of painting them. Now I have some decent reading glasses, the option is back on the gaming table. 25/28mm, although lovely to paint and handle, is just too expensive for me. There are also storage issues to contend with. So, I'm considering selling my current collection and using the funds to buy new 10mm. Any thoughts and comments welcome.
* * *    
Now my life has settled down, and if the computer performance permits, Mary Amadeus et al should make a reappearance fairly soon. Watch this space...