Saturday, 24 November 2007

Progress report - 6.

The basing-up process on IR 1 Sleibnitz is underway. To make the most of the opportunity I'm basing a 25mm Union army unit at the same time. My preference is to use plasticard bases which I then cover with spackle, Tetrion or a similar filler mixed with PVA as a plasticizer. The mix is made up to a moderately stiff consistency, which I push around and over the bases of the figures with an old brush. A coat of really thin filler and diluted PVA is applied once the material is set. This is then painted in earth colors using acrylics, and more PVA is used in patches to create a grassy effect. I add small stones and sisal to the ACW bases as it suits the milieu.
* * * *
At the New Buckenham club last night some of us tried out the Guns at Gettysburgh rules and reached a favorable opinion of them. I'm looking forward to trying them for myself. I fought an Armati ancients game, Anglo-Saxons vs. Normans and got royally whupped! Unless the Saxons can anchor both flanks on impassable terrain and put their best troops in shield wall in the front ranks, it just becomes an academic exercise in discovering how long they can last before the Norman cavalry flank them and roll up the whole darn line...

< sigh >

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