Saturday, 20 December 2008

A little longer delay.

My apologies, but Christmas shopping took precedence over everything today! Poor Cindy is also going through the mill with jet lag which those who've experienced it can attest is truly horrible. I hope to post a new episode tomorrow. Watch this space...

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A brief intermission...

Many thanks to all of you who follow the adventures of Ursula and Mary Amadeus. I'm glad you're enjoying them!
I had hoped to post a new episode today, but an unexpected request to assist my brother cropped up. As my delightful fiancée Cindy will also be arriving at Heathrow airport on Thursday morning to spend Christmas and New Year with me, I'm going to be busy for the next few weeks. With luck and a following wind I'll have a new episode ready by Friday or Saturday, and other episodes as and when I can write them. Rest assured, Mary Amadeus will not be a wallflower!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

New recruits..?

Many thanks to all for your kind words in response to Wednesday's sad event. My family and I appreciate them.
I was in need of some distraction yesterday, so I turned my thoughts to how I could add new units to my imaginations' armies. Sorting through the batch of Napoleonic era figures that were wished upon me I came across a couple of dozen French Carabiniers of the Guard and a few line cuirassiers, along with an astonishing number of Horse Grenadiers of the Guard in those outrageously big bearskins.
Once I have horses enough to mount the cuirassiers they'll make up a regiment apiece for both nations. For Hetzenberg it'll be a unit provisionally titled the Birkenholtz Kurassiers, and for the Margravate the (in)famous Seinfeld Kurassier. As for the horse grenadiers I'm tempted to use them as-is, but painted up of course in the colors of my nations.
But before that, I need to remove the helmets on the Carabiniers and replace them with tricorns. This I can do, with razor saw and rat-tail file, but can anyone suggest a quicker, easier way of doing so? I'm all for quick and easy at the moment!
The next chapter of the Chronicles is ready, and I'll publish it tomorrow. Martin, sorry for the cliffhanger. ;)

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

No episode today.

Our poor old dog died this morning. It was not entirely unexpected, but it's no less of a loss when it happens. She had a long and happy, harum-scarum life, and I miss her terribly. I'll post again tomorrow or Friday. Thanks for your forebearance.