Monday, 19 November 2007

Hetzenberg Infantry Regiment No. 1 - Sleibnitz.

Here at last are the pictures of IR 1 Sleibnitz, fresh off the painting table! The base material of spackle and flocking has yet to be added to the plasticard bases, but you get the general idea of presentation. Both regimental and Ducal colors came out a treat. The 1-inch square colors are only lightly touched-up; the most I did was to add the silver borders.
* * * *
These have been excellent figures to paint. I did notice a few idiosyncracies, which add to the charm. The grenadiers are as tall, eye level-to-eye level, as the musketeers, but their bases are thinner, making them appear somewhat shorter. Their mitre caps compensate for this nicely. The ensigns are obviously young chaps, eager to advance to glory. The drummer (yellow coat, behind the colors in the top photo) also appeared to be a youngster until I painted his face - at which time he proved to have a splendid moustache!
* * * *
It made me wonder how to account for this. Is he a short, elderly guy, who never got promoted beyond drummer boy in all his years with the colors until now he's an institution in his own right? Or is it a Hetzenberg tradition like the reverse coat colors and swallows nest epaulettes on the musicians - that the drummer has to wear a false moustache..?


MiniWargamer said...

I like the colors (of the uniforms) and the colors (er... of the regiment). Did you use a computer for the flags or was that freehand?

Fitz-Badger said...

Looking good! At least with the darker vest and breeches they won't be mistaken for Batrachians (or vice versa).

Snickering Corpses said...

The RSM drummer and ensign being small is one of the few complaints I've seen leveled at them. Several people have made standard bearer conversions by taking the "Prussian officer with cane" and replacing his cane with a flagpole by drilling out his hand. I haven't tried it myself, of course. I'm still working on learning to use the paints. :>

Very nice unit you've got there. It looks like you use a similar organization to my own, with companies of six figures, but only 3 line companies with the standard bearer, etc, all included in one of those companies. Is that correct?

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi A.J.,

That's lovely regiment you've painted up there! The drummer and flags really make it a visual treat. Good work!

Best Regards,


A J Matthews said...

Thanks for your kind words, gentlemen! =)

miniwargamer, the colors of the regiment were computer-printed and hand-tinted. I really lack the skill to paint anything that small and detailed! =S

S-C, yes, I use a basic 24 figure regiment for the Hetzenberg Line. The actual company size isn't mirrored in the number of figures per base, as I intend to use the Shako rules SYW supplement, at least to begin with.

Time and costs permitting I may go down the Old School route at a later date. If so, I'll expand the regimental numbers to 36.

I just chose to depict the unit this particular way with 6 grenadier figures to begin with, because it looks more representative of a grenadier company, and also they can be detached and brigaded with other grenadier companies if the player desires.

C. said...

Yes, the false regimental moustache is a very noble warrior tradition--as are the regimental toupee-wearing prancing Lippszaner stallions.

Cindy ;)

abdul666 said...

Very good job - but why are the grenadiers marching at the tail of the column?


MiniWargamer said...

Bayonet practice on the stragglers...

A J Matthews said...

LOL!!! =D