Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Progress report - 5.

Nothing much doing here for a while. The day job is really busy now and likely to remain so until after Christmas, which kinda restricts my painting/model-making activities to weekends. I plan to go to the wargames club on Friday evening, and this weekend I'll put the basing material on IR 1 Sleibnitz. The first batch of twelve figures of IR 2 von Wöhl are mounted on the painting block ready for their undercoat. Time allowing, I'll experiment with making some foamcore model buildings for my Daftest Africa set-up.


Fitz-Badger said...

I like the "Daftest Africa" comment. Is that your invention or a commercial product?

A J Matthews said...

"Daftest Africa" is purely my own invention, inspired by Major-General Tremorden Rederring's website. I like large-scale skirmish gaming in a Colonial African setting, and the dafter the situations and the more curve balls I can throw the players the better. I didn't get my nickname of "the smiling assassin" when running a game for nothing. ;)