Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Jäger Korps

And so to the final unit of the line army, the Jäger Korps. The only regiment to comprise two battalions, the Jägers serve as the Hetzenberg army's light infantry component. The battalions are assigned one to each line brigade, but not on a permanent basis. A battalion may serve with the first brigade in one campaign and with the second brigade in the next. The only means of differentiating between the two battalions is by means of the unit number embossed on the pewter coat buttons. The Korps does not possess colors, rallying instead to the bugler when in action.

Initially the Korps was looked upon as something of a poor relation, an odd point of view considering much of the geographical nature of Hetzenberg favors the raising of light troops. The Korps has gradually gained acceptance in the army as the generals saw the sense of having a regular body of trained light infantry instead of relying upon irregular forces or paid mercenaries of doubtful loyalty.


Under the New Buckenham club's use of the Shako rules light infantry are typically based a dozen or so figures to a unit. They are useful chaps to have around, and downright dangerous to formed troops when operating in woodlands and other broken terrain.


Bluebear Jeff said...

So, is your club using the Napoleonic "Shako" rules for the SYW? Are they modified much? Or are these something a bit different?

-- Jeff

A J Matthews said...

Jeff, at the moment we're using the Shako rules exclusively for Napoleonic, but there is a section within the rule book which has suggested adaptations for the SYW. I've run through them on paper a couple of times and they look good.