Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Guards Brigade

The Hetzenberg Grand Ducal Guard comprises one regiment of Grenadiers, and two of Fusiliers. The Grenadier regiment will number 18 figurines, those of the Fusiliers 24. At the moment I'm toying with raising a Guard Jager regiment. We'll see...


Stokes Schwartz said...

Gorgeous uniforms!

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

abdul666 said...

More fitting for Guards than most historical uniforms!
Well done - waiting for the next discovery.

A J Matthews said...

Thank you, gentlemen! Just a few more infantry and artillery uniforms to complete - then it's on to the cavalry...

David said...

Ah - good to see the templates being used. I was beginning to wonder if I would see them in use again as no blogs that I know of have posted any for quite some time. I look forward to seeing the rest.

Good work!


abdul666 said...

"A. J.",
don't discard too quickly the idea of Guard Jagers, it's intriguing:
- color: purple (to keep with the rest of the Guard infantry) with forester green facings? May be ... audacious, specially for jagers -but light troops were often more glamorous than line ones.
Or green with purple facings?

- cut of the uniform: Guard Jagers deserve better than tricorn + coat, specially if not in purple. According to a thread before summer on both Aleheim & Hesse-Engelburg, there are unfortunately very fiew dismounted hussars available: Grassins, then?(headswappings to get a Guard with decorated coat AND mirliton would be overexpensive & time-consuming, since you don't use plastics)....


abdul666 said...

Other, less obvious (less often used, at least) possibilities of an original 'light infantry' uniform for Guard Jagers: Spanish types, either metropolitan or colonial (I guess the 'African' features would not be blatant once painted). Ioannis Mavromichalis has a useful repertory on his web site:
There are surprisingly far more 18th C. 25-28mm Spanish minis that one would believe, according to the scarcity of their appearance, at least in fictitious armies. The vest partly concealed under a cloak of 'pyrenean' light infantry, or the very short jacket of 'Black' troops, would probably be more propicious than a large justaucorps to the use of purple as the basis color!

A J Matthews said...

Jean-Louis, I like the idea of using the Arquebusiers de Grassin for Guard jager. I did see the Eureka Miniatures "100 Club" figurines and was tempted even back then!

abdul666 said...

The Spanishs "Miñones' (miquelets in French, 'Cazadores de Montaña') could provide 'ordinary' skirmishers: by adding 1 - 1.5mm (for 28mm minis / 'thick paint' conversion?) of 'socks' above the lower limit of the breeches as sculpted in a mini with 'alpargatas', they immediatly look like the typical / traditional Bulgarian leggear (as worn by the Bulgarian reservists at the start of WW1). The minis would look 'Centre-European' rather than Spanish!