Tuesday, 18 September 2007

To be The First.

As the First infantry regiment to be raised, Sleibnitz has the "Right of the line," i.e, the honor of being placed at the far end of the army's right flank. By tradition this is the wing which in most armies leads an attack. Being the First naturally begets a high morale and such regiments are accorded élite status. The men of the Sleibnitz regiment are not slow to claim such merit.
Although contrary to the Hetzenberg Großartiger Armeerat regulations Count Sleibnitz decided to accentuate this distinction by equipping his men with breeches of Prussian blue, the main color of his family coat of arms. The army let the matter slide as they thought this would help the army commander see at a glance where the right of his infantry line was situated in the heat of battle. It also meant they wouldn't have to censure the notoriously prickly (and highly connected) Count Sleibnitz.

The Rivals.

A serious rivalry exists between Count Sleibnitz and Colonel von Wöhl, inhaber of the 2nd Regiment of the line. The two units completed their first muster within a matter of days of each other, Sleibnitz winning the unofficial race amid allegations of dirty tricks. It was said that recruiting parties for von Wöhl's regiment operating near the county borders were diverted by means of misaligned signposts and bribed guides so they wound up deep in the County of Sleibnitz – where they were corralled by the Count's men. The unlucky von Wöhl recruiting sergeants were arrested for violating army mustering codes (and released later "as a gesture of goodwill") while the bemused recruits found themselves in the Sleibnitz ranks. Although the two regiments serve in the same brigade, the tension between the two colonels is sometimes palpable. While the gentlemen concerned maintain an icy politeness, their rivalry occasionally manifests as fist-fights between their men as they strive to settle the issue of who was really the First. Both regiments endeavour to outdo the other on the battlefield, a factor which occasionally makes them uncontrollable if an opportunity to best the hated rival presents itself…

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