Sunday, 16 September 2007

The First Infantry Brigade

Created using the excellent uniform blanks by David at his Not By Appointment site.
The Hetzenberg army follows uniform patterns similar to the Hanoverian army. It will comprise two brigades of infantry, each of four regiments, along with guard and cavalry components. The foot regiments will be 24 figures strong including a grenadier company and integral artillery. Commanders will have the option of brigading these into seperate units for special tasks.
The regimental colors depict the Flory cross of St. Ungulant of Hetzenberg, hero, hermit and gastronome. A recent move to adopt regimental numbers as well as the names of the inhaber is currently being trialed, and this number appears in Roman numerals in the upper-left canton. The field of each color follows that of the regimental facings except for Sleibnitz and other regiments with yellow facings. These have special dispensation to reverse the color scheme for the sake of clarity.


abdul666 said...

Wow! Already the first Hertzenberger original uniforms - and pleasant they are!

Great to see that you can recover your files after that viral plague.

Keep on, 'Ajay'!

Snickering Corpses said...

Quite impressive, sir. I look forward to seeing the Grand Duchy develop.

abdul666 said...

"St. Ungulant of Hetzenberg, hero, hermit and gastronome"

Frankfurter said...

Will throw a few extra frankfurters on the grill for you and roll out the beer wagon.
Frankszonia has a national anthem, but nobody knows the words anymore, as it's usually sung about the time when the tongue and throat are as discombobulated as the legs ... remember "Louie, Louei?"