Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Tower project - additions.

The main gateway.

A view along the street.
The main phase of construction is finished, with the addition of the mediaeval storehouse and boundary wall, built from Hirst Arts blocks and components. Painting was using simple household vinyl matt paint (in this case magnolia color ) shaded with a Vallejo brown ink wash. I made the lower parts of the walls especially muddy-looking to reflect passing traffic. All that remains now is the construction of the main gate itself and the yard between the tower and storehouse, plus some finishing touches to the tower itself.


At the moment progress on my ImagiNation armies is slow and will be for a while. A number of things have cropped up in real life that demand my attention and my priorities are naturally elsewhere. I hope to get another regiment of line, one of guards and an artillery battery from Spencer Smith for the Markgraaf's army sometime next month so I can at least field a reasonable small force to face my current Hetzenberg forces in battle.


Fitz-Badger said...

Pictures are a bit washed out, but from what I can tell the project is looking very good!

abdul666 said...

A very pleasant and impressive building indeed!

tidders said...

Nice looking additions to the tower

-- Allan