Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Names and Faces - 1.

Brigadier-General Ulpius von Schramm, with dragoon escort.
Holger Eriksson figures.
Here I present a command vignette with the imposing figure of Brigadier-General Ulpius von Schramm, commander of the First Brigade, Hetzenberg army. Following the practise suggested by other gamers I made the base circular, the easier to pick out on the tabletop during action. The base material is a mixture of spackle and PVA adhesive, followed by a layer of watered-down PVA covered in scenic flock, touched up with acrylic paints here and there. The shattered tree stump is a twig from the garden.


Fitz-Badger said...

From what I can make out it looks very good. I like the natural-looking colors for the base.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Hmmmm, For my "Tricorne Wars" rules, I use one major descriptive attribute for command officers (Careful, Steady, Aggressive or Political) as well as some numbers for a few things (initiative and command radius).

But I like the idea of the system you mention too . . . I'll have to think about this a bit. Thank you for mentioning it.

-- Jeff

A J Matthews said...

Thank you, Fitz! I'm pleased with the result. =)

Jeff, the "political" attribute sounds intriguing. Would you care to elaborate?

andygamer said...

I hope that your rating system isn't out of 1,000 possible points!

A J Matthews said...

LOL! No, it's out of a hundred - but the way some generals behaved in real life, it makes you wonder what kind of dice God rolled for them! ;)