Friday, 21 March 2008

Pootling along... 1

It's a bank holiday here. In between working on a new novel, I've been spending some time casting new blocks from my molds for an upcoming Daftest Africa project and taking occasional glances at the delightful RSM95 figures on their website. Although I should be thinking in terms of getting some Spencer Smith figures to increase my Margravate army, I'm more than tempted by the current exchange rate to buy RSM instead. It'll finish off the first brigade of the Hetzenberg army, including the artillery component. I'll see next month.


Steve said...

...I'm guessing your UK based - I'm keen to try the RSM's as well based on the pictures I see around the various blogs I frequent - would be interested in hearing how the whole process goes - how you pay, what the shipping is, etc etc??

A J Matthews said...

Hi Steve, thanks for dropping by. Yes, I'm UK based.

To date I've only bought one batch of RSM95 SYW figures for my Hetzenberg army, and I'll certainly buy more. I do recommend them. They are really nice, cleanly cast, easy figures to paint and the $-£ ratio is in our favor now.

I placed an order via fax to RSM, but had the figures delivered to my girlfriend in the US for me to pick up when I was over there. Unfortunately I've had bad experiences with parcels from the US to here going missing in transit - one as recently as January. I've even had items stolen from mail in the past, so I cut that uncertainty out of the loop. I guess I'm too much the wargamer to want to risk losing my goods! ;)

Bluebear Jeff said...


I've got a bunch of RSMs and like them very much. Of course I'm in Canada so I don't have to worry about them crossing "the pond".

-- Jeff