Saturday, 15 March 2008

Progress report - 16.

The basic shell of the storehouse.

...and with the roof being positioned ready for final gluing.


A little bit to report this week. I've finished basing the first regiment of the Markgraaf's army, but a printer software problem has delayed production of their regimental colors.
The Hirst Arts molds are turning out better-quality castings now I've switched from plaster of Paris to Herculite 2. The first building is nearly complete and is shown above. I've designed it to be a remnant of an earlier building, possibly part of a monastery, which has been converted to a storehouse. (As can be seen by the strange piebald effect, whilst my planning approach was meticulous, my painting was rather haphazard!) I used a mixture of spray-undercoated blocks and plain blocks in the construction, having dry-stacked everything to ensure a good fit. The roof will be attached once the interior has been painted. Groundwork - possibly a cobbled yard - will fill the space between the storehouse and the tower. A wall will be constructed to join the two whilst another bigger wall will run alongside the road in the foreground of the top picture. All in all, it was quick and easy to build, and I'll be working on a much larger building in the shape of a rathaus (council hall) in the near future.

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