Saturday, 22 December 2007

Some comparison photos.

A squadron of the Bishop's Horse (RSM95) with Holger Eriksson figures.

The squadron with the command element, more Holger Eriksson's.
For Jeff and others, here're a couple of clearer images to show the compatability between RSM95 figures (Hanoverian horse shown in the guise of the Bishop's Horse) and Holger Eriksson's sculpting. The bottom photo also shows what will be a command grouping of a general on foot with his mounted escort.
All the figures are quite free of flash and molding lines. If I have a quibble it's in the detail of the swords carried or wielded by the officers - there isn't much. What flash and lines there were disappeared under the touch of the carborundum bit on my MINICRAFT drill. I plan to remove the heavy white metal flags from the guidon and standard bearers and replace them with my usual paper/foil sandwich versions fixed on brass rod. The cavalry officer's saber will be replaced likewise, either with flattened brass rod or a pin. I may leave the general's sword, as it resembles a gnarled walking stick. If painted up as one, it will add a touch of character to what is already a nice little figure.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Yes, they DO look quite compatible, don't they?

Thank you for the pictures . . . and I hope that you'll soon be able to show us the final painted unit.

Have a great Holiday Season.

-- Jeff

C. said...

Hmmm, you get a lot done when you aren't being pestered by pesky blondes IMing you, can't you? Great job! :)