Sunday, 7 September 2008

Pootling on...

Not a huge amount to report. Real life tended to get in the way of hobbies these last few days. Still, I've begun painting the grenadier company of the Margravine's Regiment. They'll follow the same format as the "hat" companies, but their greatcoats will be in a lighter shade of green. I converted the shakos to bearskins but retained the peaks. They'll now be a form of bearskin distinctive to the Margrave's army, of a style known as "Josies" after the Margravine.
Margravine Josefina noticed the soldiers of the grenadier companies squinting in the bright sunlight during an inspection parade of the new regiments. Being a compassionate woman she asked that something be done to modify their headgear to give them the same advantages as their hat company brethren. The generals don't particularly like the design but the "request" came from their boss' wife, so it stands. In any case, the grenadiers like it as it keeps the sun and weather out of their eyes, and appreciate the Margravine's concern for their welfare.
The Markgraaf limits his comments to grumbling about the cost.


Fitz-Badger said...

Looking forward to seeing the grenadiers. I love the description/back story!

Martin said...

It's been my experience that a happy Margravine makes for a very happy Markgraaf! (I have the scars to prove it too!)
That is a fine looking unit A.J.. their regimental mascot a cat? (A passing reference to the cartoon series Josie and the Pussycats.)
Which side of the pond are you on these days A.J.?

A J Matthews said...

A cat for a regimental mascot? Hmm! I like it! Thanks for the suggestion, Martin. =)

I'm in England right now, and will be until such time as my visa is processed. It's a bind, to say the least, as my fiancée is living and working in St. Louis. =(