Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Conversion job - 4

I've almost completed the new regiment converted to SYW-like figures from French Napoleonics. All that remains is for the musicians (a drummer and fifer) to be painted before I can begin on the the base work. I should have all done by tomorrow, and I'll post some pictures then.

On the whole I'm pleased with the results. I have a batch of French infantry in bicorns which *may* bear conversion in a similar way, and some French Chasseurs a' cheval (I think) which might change to hussars without too much work. We'll see.
Additional: Since making the above post I've discovered another 6 figures in greatcoats and shakos that can be converted to bearskin-wearing grenadiers. Although I was going to make this regiment a *light* one at 18 figures I can now add the grenadier contingent.

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