Monday, 15 September 2008

Onwards and upwards.

Following the pleasing results of my first conversion of figures to tricorn'ed glory, I've embarked on a second regiment. Thanks to all who posted kind comments on the pictures.

The new figures are equipped mostly with shakos which require cutting off (for the "hat" companies to be) or trimming and filing (for the grenadier company). A bit more work is involved but there's no rush. It'll make up the yet to be named third and final regiment in the Margravate army's first brigade.
By the way, is anyone else having trouble with Sitemeter? They migrated to a new server recently and the hit counters have vanished. I do like to see how many visit this blog (5,200+ at last count) and from whence my fellow gamers spring.


abdul666 said...

Indeed when accessing to your blog I get an error message "s16.oldsitemeter cannot be found"

Der Alte Fritz said...

Sitemeter had so many complaints that they have switched back to the old system that worked so well.

A J Matthews said...

I wish they hadn't messed with it in the first place. At least I'm still getting the weekly reports.