Monday, 11 August 2008

Markgravate light infantry (Sobelsburg Jagers).

Like many other countries the Margavate army recruits its light infantry from border regions, in this case the "Cockpit," a region of hills and forests bordering the Grand Duchy of Hetzenberg. Above is shown the uniform of the Sobelsburg Jagers, the only regiment of light infantry so far raised by the Margravate. The orange cuffs and facings are as "hot" as they appear but a few weeks on campaign soon causes it to fade to a more russet tone. A stiff leather helmet is the official issue, but the jagers soon modify it by adding or swapping out components of softer leather. The brass buttons are supposed to be worn in the field but again, the jager follow their own rules and either cover them with cloth or swap them for pewter buttons. To reflect their origins in the hunters and trappers of the border region a patch of black fur or wool is worn around the collar.


A certain amount of snobbery exists in the army command. There's a tendency to look upon the jagers more as tradesmen, there to do a messy but necessary job, rather than soldiers. This is resented by the jagers who rightly feel they perform an arduous duty for scant reward.


Capt Bill said...

A unique uniform, I like it!

Martin said...

A snazzy looking uniform A.J.. I'd wager that the unit looks pretty good when they march on parade. (Or being Light Infantry, do they lope on parade?)

A J Matthews said...

Thank you gentlemen! Painting has begun and the unit is shaping up - although their march discipline isn't ;)

After a closer inspection I found the figures have tomahawks tucked into their belts. This fits in nicely with my idea of the regiment coming from woodsmen, who would naturally be proficient in ax-work.