Thursday, 28 August 2008

Conversion job - 3

And so it begins. After two hours of purgatory trying to model tricorns out of Milliput followed by an hour of dremmel-work the following day, I achieved the above results. Milliput is good but it has the annoying habit of sticking to anything but what I want it to stick to! Give the stuff its due, it does set hard and stay in place. The queues of hair worn in this era I replicated by using spackle powder mixed with a drop of Klear/Future floor polish, pushing the resulting concoction around with a brush until I got what I wanted. Unconventional yes, but who cares? Not I! It works and takes paint well.
In some cases the tricorns are a little bigger than most styles found during the mid-18th century, owing more to the Marlburian Age perhaps, but on the whole I don't think it a bad result. I justify it in saying the Markgraaf of Dunkeldorf-Pfuhl is an old-fashioned type and this outlook carries over into his army.
So, the regiment is now mounted on my painting block, each figure being glued to a dowel using a blob of "No nails" type adhesive which will hold them in place until I detach them. At least, they should stay in place now. In a moment of absent-mindedness I moved the block before the glue was set and two figures fell off, landing on their bayonets (of course!). These remained attached but weak, so I might replace them using a length of pin or shaped brass rod.
As for my other project, the Bridge, painting of the main structure has begun and construction work on the quayside sections is almost complete. I need to do a spot of measuring up tomorrow night to check these against the scenic tiles used at the New Buckenham club in order to ensure a good fit. All being well, I should have the bridge finished this weekend. "Pictures at 11..."


Martin said...

Hello A.J.,

I wouldn't worry too much about the size of the tricornes. By the time you get those stout hearted fellows painted up and in formation on the table, they'll look just fine. Frankly, I'm impressed that with some time, effort, and talent you were able to find a niche for these figures!
Way to go!


Martin said...
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A J Matthews said...

Thank you kindly, Martin. =) I must admit after having these figures hanging around my neck like a lead albatross all these years, it's nice to put them to use. I'll see what else I can convert.

Fitz-Badger said...

I agree. Excellent bit of conversion work! Looking forward to seeing them painted up. I'm sure they'll look great on the tabletop!