Thursday, 14 August 2008

Babbington's Legion - almost there.

One advantage to getting some half-painted figures - less work to do! Here're a couple of pictures of Babbington's Legion, the "White Company" or mercenary regiment that has just accepted service with the Markgraaf of Dunkeldorf-Pfuhl.

The colors, symbols and regimental motto Foy est tout ("Faith is all") are those of the Babbington family.
A tradition of mercenary bands in this part of Urope is to have a regimental/ colonel's color, and a second flag in the primary colors of the hiring nation or patron. Those regiments between employments are said to be "empty staff," in other words the staff is devoid of any flag. When on the march through neutral territory, this staff is displayed at the head of the column to signify peaceful intent. Some nations also insist that such bands march with their arms in the baggage train while in transit through their territory.
If a mercenary regiment is in action and finds itself in a tight spot, the colonel or surviving senior officer has the right to order the regiment to "go light," ie. to remove the hirer's colors and replace it with a white flag. Under the laws and usages of war, this must be respected as a flag of surrender and the unit permitted to leave the field or fortification under escort with its arms and equipment. Only if the unit has fought well may it keep its regimental colors. Once a mercenary unit goes light it may not take further employment with its former patron during the current conflict or for one year and a day, whichever occurs first.

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