Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Conversion job - 2.

The assembled cast(ings)

Standard bearers with untouched officer for comparison.

A bit blurry but this shows the shape of the modified headgear compared with the fifer on the left.

The Commanding Officer and a soldier to be.

Some prospective candidates for conversion...
As requested, some photos of the work in progress. These are all Republican-era French Napoleonic figures by Front Rank miniatures (early 1990's vintage) from the lead mountain. I'm not that knowledgeable about the French army of the period but suspect the foot figures are either Republican Guard or line grenadiers. I found a nice line infantry drummer figure walking with his drum slung on his backpack. With a little judicious dremmel-work his shako trimmed down to a neat bearskin mitre. The left hand and middle cavalry figures in the bottom picture are possibly light dragoons (?). The right hand figure might be a Horse Grenadier of the Guard. I'll need to buy mounts for them - there were none in the heap I acquired - but this will come in time. The figures were cast with the saddle attached, so the horses will have to suit this. They will be modified to serve as a hussar regiment and the infantry will make up the second line regiment of the Markgraaf of Dunkeldorf-Pfuhl's army. Since taking the photos I've discovered a mounted general which will also bear conversion to a SYW style.
Work so far - the bicorns have been trimmed off the two standard bearers (the officer figure shows what they looked like beforehand), and the commanding officer's shako and sword have been removed. The sword will be replaced by a length of flattened brass rod at a later date. I've begun removing the feathery epaulets from the rank and file figures, and assessing the possibility of slimming-down the visible leggings under the hems of their greatcoats. I don't think they're that noticeable now, and will be less so when painted and the figures attached to their base. Even so, if I can alter them without damage, I'll do so. Tricorns will be added using either Milliput or Green Stuff.

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