Monday, 12 May 2008

The things one finds...

...when clearing out a workshed.

For various reasons I had to use mine for storage until recently, when the better weather allowed me to begin a general tidy-up. Right at the back I have a couple of shelves on which were a row of books. One was an Osprey Campaigns book on Leipzig 1813 which I thought I'd lost years ago. Tucked away alongside it was a slim booklet - a copy of Charge! rules!

The publication date is March 1981, by Athena Books of Doncaster, England, the co-authors of the modified rules were Stuart Asquith and Alan Cook, the producer/distributor Terry Wise.

I can remember buying them way back when with a vague idea of trying to game the Seven Years War, but for some reason the project fell by the wayside - probably because I got into Colonial wargaming in a big way.

Now I am playing in the 18th century, that little old booklet will come in useful.


Der Alte Fritz said...

Congratulations on your "find" of Charge. Undoubtedly you will appreciate it more now than you might have originally. It is kind of like having an early Christmas present to yourself.

Martin said...

I hope when you discovered this buried treasure, you uttered suitable piratic phrases like, "Ya-har Jim lad! This here be a fine present to meself! Har-Har!"

A J Matthews said...

LOL, not quite, Martin. Robert Newton has a lot to answer for... ;)

It was a pleasure to find the Charge! rules and I'll find use for them.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Don't you love it when you find something you thought long gone?

I know that I do.

-- Jeff