Saturday, 24 May 2008

Partizan 2008.

The New Buckenham club fought a moderate-sized early English Civil War battle last night. The objective was to capture and control a small village with a bridge by nightfall.
I was one of the two Royalist generals, and commanded the left wing. The ground wasn't really suitable for cavalry but I deployed them in the best area I could find on my flank, and forded the river to engage the Parliamentarian infantry there. For once my dice rolls weren't infallibly awful and I managed to push across the river, destroying an enemy regiment occupying the village churchyard in the process.
My cavalry engaged another infantry regiment lined up behind one of my shiny new hedges. Maybe I made them too well, for the initial exchange of pistol and musket fire failed to damage either party! I destroyed the regiment at the cost of two of mine, and lost the last cavalry regiment in a prolonged fight with a single élite Parliamentarian one. They bought enough time for my infantry brigade to deploy in the village, although night fell before a decisive result was obtained.
Tomorrow I shall be off to "Partizan," the Newark wargames show. I went for the first time last September and enjoyed it. It's a large venue, easy to reach, with a good spread of traders and games.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm looking forward to your Partizan report. Those of us living in the hinterlands of a Canadian island don't have ANY shows to go to . . . and certainly no major ones . . . so we only get to see them through the eyes and photos of gamers like you.

-- Jeff