Sunday, 18 May 2008

Pootling along...

Nothing much doing this week, beyond clearing yet more of my workshed now the weather has improved. Once I could clear a patch of workbench I began making a batch of hedgerow sections suitable for use either as bocage in 15mm or ordinary hedges in 25/28mm. We found ourselves rather short of these at the club so having the materials to hand (and needing the space using them would free-up!) I set-to.
Basic construction is two thin strips of scrap 4mm ply, 5 inches long glued in parallel to another shorter length set vertically, forming an upside-down T shape in cross-section. The sides are filled with a paste composed of PVA, spackle powder and Eberhard Arts powdered papiermaché. This dries quite quickly and is hard enough to survive most casual wargames use.
The hedge material itself is rubberized horsehair, torn into rough strips 1 1/2 inches wide, which is folded over the upright section and glued in place. A hot-glue gun would be best for this, although I used impact adhesive. A dark green rattlecan paint at close range gave the basic coat to the foilage and filled the interior. While this is still wet a lighter green is sprayed over at a longer range to give a light shading, before scenic flock is dusted over all, ensuring the sides are covered as well. Tap off the excess, and paint the lower part in varied shades of green and brown to represent the hedge banks.
I'll post a few pictures tomorrow of the work in progress.

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