Saturday, 12 July 2008

Pootling along...

A rather grainy shot of the work in progress...

Not an awful lot to report to date. Bureaucratic paperwork is acting like a lead blanket over everything to the point I will probably have to return to the UK until things get sorted.

In the meantime, the Hetzenberg town houses are basically complete, needing only the timber-frame effects added and the paintwork. I found an excellent source of inspiration from back issues of my fiancee's genealogy magazine! Recent articles featured tips on researching ancestors from Germany and middle Europe, and the cover photographs are of ancient towns in these regions. Plenty of gables, intricate woodwork and towers in evidence, usually in charming pastel colors.

I have also placed a new order with Hirst Arts for the basic block and gothic accessories molds and they were shipped today. These will help me expand the scope of my projects quite dramatically. The bridge of Kimmelsbrucke is still on the to-do list. Unfortunately I'm not able to order any of the excellent RSM95 figures from Dayton Painting Consortium at this time.

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