Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Forward planning.

Whilst I can't expand on my imaginary armies at present, there're plenty of things I can do. The campaign map I drew up some months back left me less than satisfied, so I'm revising it on a different scale of one hexagon = 5 miles. I'm also expanding the size of the hexagons themselves, to make the details held in each easier to read.
* * *
I've looked over the Front Rank figures and reckon I can convert them to Babbington's Legion without much trouble. The poser is what to do with the scattering of light infantrymen. As mentioned before they come with the "Jockey cap" style of headgear issued to British light infantry of the period. They don't look compatable with the Hetzenberg army. I've a mind to paint them up as Margavate light troops in black uniform jackets.
* * *
Work has begun on casting components for my most complex Hirst Arts construction yet - a multi-arched bridge with towers. It requires 16 casts from the molds to get the number of parts needed, and 10 of these have now been done. I'll use some foamcore throughout the model to save weight, but the majority will be plaster. As with any large construction, forward-planning and a dry-run in fitting components together is a must. The components all have to marry up to each other in the right way to avoid gaps and misalignment.
I plan to have two quayside sections from which the bridge will spring. These will have paved edges with bollards. The towers will have open arches, where mediaeval gates once stood. Now the bridge serves as a convenient customs/tariff post which can be barricaded at need. The center arch will be a seperate unit. Eventually I'll make a ruined version to depict a demolished span for those "blow the bridge!" games.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

This project sounds quite interesting, AJ. Please keep us informed as it progresses (with lots of photos, please).

-- Jeff