Saturday, 26 July 2008

Another review picture.

Another shot of the current units of the Hetzenberg army. IR1 Sleibnitz leads IR2 Wohl in review past Brigadier-General Schmaltz, watched by the Liebgarde Grenadiers and the Bishop of Guggenheim's Regiment of Horse. The row of town houses is scratch-built from foamcore, with cartridge paper timberwork, all painted with craft acrylics. The model will be finished with premade doors and windows.
Some time ago I acquired a number of Front Rank SYW British line infantry. Although half-finished as the 1st Foot (Royal Scots), I've a mind to finish them off as Babbington's Legion, a mercenary regiment operating in the vicinity of the Grand Duchy and the Margravate. A number of British light infantry in "jockey cap" style headgear came with them, and they'll be put to service in some way too.


Capt Bill said...

Like your flags, very nice...Gill

Bluebear Jeff said...

The wonderful thing about our various Imagi-Nations is that we can use any troops that we have no matter what army they might have been painted for originally.

By all means, recruit them into Babbington's Legion.

I also like your buildings.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

Nice looking troops. I like the uniforms colour combos

-- Allan

C. said...

Gorgeous buildings! The color combination are very vivid and contrast nicely. :)