Sunday, 17 February 2008

Revolutionary War game - Friday 15 Feb.

A bridge too far? The Patriots await the coming of the British army.

The British army advances on the bridge. Nearest the camera are the cavalry and infantry regiments commanded by "Light Horse Harry" Lee. The Virginia Rifles line the river bank while the Maryland and Delaware regiment waits in support.

The Hessian light infantry and Foot Guards begin to cross the river. Facing them are the brave boys of the North Carolina militia.

Light Horse Harry Lee's cavalry meets trouble from the Royal Artillery as the Virginia Continental regiment keeps the Foot Guards at bay.

The British and Hessian troops turn the Patriots' right flank. The British flanking force can be seen turning their left in the distance just beyond the farm.

The death of Cornwallis...

All photos by Cindy Appel.
28mm Figures by various manufacturers.
Not Hetzenberg - but at least in the right century. I present a few shots of the Revolutionary War game fought out on Friday evening. The Patriots were charged with defending a bridge against a British force headed by Cornwallis himself. Cornwallis was out for revenge after the Patriots roughed-up "Bloody Ban" Tarleton's boys the previous week.

The battle was going fairly well for the Patriots as they held the British at the riverline - until a rustling in the woodlands on their left announced the unexpected arrival of a British flank march. With all Patriot units fully engaged in the effort to hold the river, the battle line was turned as dusk began to fall. The 42nd Foot pressed the Maryland and Delaware regiment back from its foothold on the bridge. Unfortunately for Cornwallis, it was to be his last battle. He was shot down by a man from Maryland at the very moment of his victory.


Fitz-Badger said...

Great pictures and minis! What manufacturer are the minis from?
Looks like it was an excellent game.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I agree . . . nice pictures and it looks like it was a fun game.

Thanks for the photo essay.

-- Jeff