Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Margravate of Dunkeldorf-Pfühl: 1st Line Regiment.

Not the best of images, but I think it shows the Margrave's 1st Line Regiment is nearing completion. The standard bearers are Holger Eriksson figures and the rest are Spencer Smith.


This is the first time I've painted any of this range, and it's been an experience. The detail on the figurines is only hinted at in most places, which requires a bit more concentration with the brush than I expected. Even so, with my new policy of - "if it can't be seen from more than three feet away it don't get painted," they work very well when seen en-masse. I just have a few details to add then they'll be ready for basing.


In between times I've been working on a hexagon-based blank map ready to sculpt the campaign world on and it's nearly finished. There are plenty of mapping programs out there but although I downloaded a few my elderly PC doesn't seem to like them much. A number of options are available in the shape of downloadable ready-made hex-blanks, so I got one of those and adapted it. It should be finished by tomorrow, so I'll post it here.

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Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi A.J.,

Your Spencer Smith and HE infantry are looking good! I'm off to work on a few of SSM cavalry here in a few moments.

Best Regards,