Monday, 29 March 2010

RECRUITS con report

In search of trouble...
Major Hardleigh-Worthitt & Party aboard the prototype
Spottiswood-Gallant Mk 2 steam tank.
We had an interesting weekend, in more ways than one. The Recruits convention in Lee's Summit, MO was a very good experience on the whole, marred only by a contretemps at the silent auction where a guy attempted to put the CON in convention. The matter is now settled to my satisfaction so no names, no pack drill.

I hoped to take pictures of the event to post here but the batteries for our camera died. Such is the way of the damned things...

Flames of War had a good showing, with around a dozen tables all busy with 15mm games. They're not my favorite WW2 set by a long chalk, but the figures, models and scenery in use looked very good. Warhamster 40k had a good turn out too, although I was less than impressed by the presence of so many unpainted figures and models on the table. C'mon, people! If you're setting out to impress and recruit others to the hobby, at least put some effort into applying the pigments!

Other games included sci-fi, naval warfare in various eras and scales, and plenty of Napoleonic, including some superb 10mm figures. My hat goes off to whoever painted them for their skill and sharp eyesight.

Baron J of Unterklant and his fellow Basement Generals put on a Wild West skirmish game, followed by an excellent little scrap to GASLIGHT rules. Cindy and I arrived late and had too much else to think about to take part. Even so it was great to watch as the youngsters had a ball with steam tank and gatling gun in search of Professor Archibald Standpipe and his hidden treasures.

Plenty of traders attended, with heaps of figures, artwork, models and even clothing in evidence. I was able to restrain myself to buying a pack of Victorian-era figures in 28mm for a GASLIGHT/steampunk project. Baron J, you have a convert!
* * *
On Sunday morning Cindy and I headed into Kansas City itself in search of the steamboat Arabia museum. In the event they only open at 12 noon on Sundays, so we opted for plan B - the National World War One Memorial and museum. Baron J recommended this place highly and we could immediately see why. It's excellent! There's really too much to describe in this one post, so I'll put some pictures and a report up soon.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm glad that you had fun. I've only played GASLIGHT as a straight Colonial game (i.e., no VSF elements) . . . and it worked fine like that.

-- Jeff