Monday, 1 March 2010

On Sale Now!

The Hetzenberg Chronicles, volume 1: Prelude to War is out now at Amazon!
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The year is Seventeen-hundred and frozen-stiff...

In the space between European empires two small nations hover on the brink of war. As great men on both sides ponder the future, a secret agent and two unconventional women are about to make their mark.

The Convent of St. Ungulant is home to Sister Mary Amadeus, a nun with a passion for blowing things up, and her best friend Ursula Reitzell, a bold and beautiful novice. Little does Mary A suspect her friend is a spy in the employ of Hetzenberg secret agent Konrad Beckenbaur. Little does Konrad suspect Ursula hides a secret that will light the fuse for war.

When fate calls the three are swept up in events that lead them through moments of high terror and drama, comedy and pathos. Will their combined talents for explosives and mayhem see them through?

The Hetzenberg Chronicles Volume 1:

Prelude to War


Snickering Corpses said...

Congratulations, good sir!

Does it include the Battle of Viehdorf Mill or will that be in following volume?

A J said...

Thank you, sir! Viehdorf Mill will feature in the second volume, mainly for reasons of space.

Cindy said...

You can't put ALL the action in one volume... It would make for one very heavy book! ;)