Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A welcome surprise!

BREAKING NEWS... Some of the pioneering names of our hobby have joined forces to create a blogspot of their own. Entitled The Blasthof Blog it is dedicated to the classic Charge! rules by Brigadier Peter Young.
Featuring such luminaries as Stuart Asquith, Steve Gill, Phil Olley and John Preece, the aim is to explore the book, depict units in the old school style and play out the occasional game. Please join with me in wishing them well!


Stokes Schwartz said...

Why, it's almost like the old "Battle" magazine from the 1970s has risen from the ashes!

Best Regards,


A J said...

Very true, Stokes! I deplored the time when Battle was absorbed by Military Modeling and then the wargaming content trimmed to the vanishing point. It's good to see the old warhorses (!) trotting out to arms on a new field. =)

johnpreece said...


you are far to kind. About me anyway. I am as pleased as you to see Mr Asquith venturing into the internet.

I hope we can just convey some of the fun.