Sunday, 8 November 2009

A new poll.

Cover art © 2009 Cindy & A J Matthews.
The year is Seventeen-hundred and frozen-stiff. In the space between European empires two small nations hover on the brink of war. As great men on both sides ponder the future, a secret agent and two unconventional women are about to make their mark...

The Convent of St. Ungulant is home to Sister Mary Amadeus (a nun with a passion for blowing things up), and her best friend Ursula Reitzell (a bold and beautiful novice). Little does Mary suspect her friend is a spy in the employ of Hetzenberg secret agent Konrad Beckenbaur. Little does Konrad suspect Ursula also hides a secret that will light the fuze for war!

When fate calls at the convent the three are swept up in events that will lead them through moments of high terror and drama, comedy and pathos. Will their combined talents for explosives and mayhem see them through? All will be revealed in -

The Hetzenberg Chronicles -
Volume 1: Prelude to War.

* * *
Final preparations to publish the Chronicles are in hand. Such is the flexibility of modern publishing I can now ask for the format readers would like to see. Check out the poll on the left. Feel free to leave me comments on the price you'd be willing to pay, and any other ideas or suggestions you may have. Any short reviews or blurbs you'd like to give on the Chronicles as they were published here are welcome.


Bluebear Jeff said...


While I like hardcopy books, the shipping cost to get them to me makes them rather awkward to purchase (unless they are with

Thus I've voted for the .pdf version. Maybe it is not as convenient, but it is easier to actually get.

-- Jeff

A J said...

Jeff, I agree with you, S&H can be awkward at times. However, publication of the paperback version will probably take place through CreateSpace, one of Amazon's subsidiaries. Amazon will then take on the print & distribution worldwide. I may well offer both paperback and .pdf versions, depending on the response. =)

Cheers, A J

Martin said...

Hi A.J.,

Let me plead the case for all who are "Techtards" and think "kindle" is the process of starting a fire. Ha, ha, ha! There is something special about reading a ripping yarn. The character a book acquires as the years roll on and you read it again and again; long after the financial pain of purchase and shipping are forgotten. That said; I'll take my Hetzenberg fix anyway I can get it.


Frankfurter said...

I do hope that you can include some nice illustrations affordably!
Printing them out can be a real cost factor!

A J said...

Hi Arthur, we're thinking about the inclusion of illustrations. For the print version cost will be a factor. For the pdf it shouldn't be a problem.