Friday, 19 October 2007

My first batch of RSM95's.

I got my first batch of these yesterday, and they are very nice too! The castings are crisp with lifelike proportions. The cavalry come with saddles attached to the riders and seperate carbines/musketoons which are works of art in themselves. All will be painted in the Hetezenberg colors of IR Sleibnitz and IR Wohl, and, of course, The Bishop of Guggenheim's Regiment of Horse. Once I've cleared the decks of my current projects, painting will get underway next month. I'll post work-in-progress pictures here by the by.


Stagonian Jeff said...

Which "flavor" of RSMs did you get? (I'm primarily using Hanover).

I do love the "elegance" of these figures, don't you.

Please do keep us up-to-date on your painting . . . with lots of nice pictures.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Aren't they wonderful figures? Enjoy yourself!

Best Regards,


A J Matthews said...

I bought Hanovarian figures for both cavalry and infantry. And yes, they are wonderful!

One of the appealing features of the Hanovarian range is the presence of horse grenadiers, a troop type I particularly like. In the fullness of time I'll order some for service as the Horse Guards.

For the Margravate army I'll be collecting Austrians.

Pictures will follow for all my figures. If nothing else they will serve as an inducement to paint 'em up quick... =)

C. said...

I've seen the little guys--they're cute! ;)

I didn't take them out of the bag, either, but I was tempted. ;)

The Vacation Spot Hostess