Thursday, 22 July 2010

On the painting block - the Rumtopft Dragoons

On now to the next project on my painting block - the Rumtopft Dragoon Regiment. These stalwart lads covered themselves in glory during the Battle of Viehdorf, where they earned battle honors by defeating the Margraf of Dunkeldorf-Pfühl's cavalry.

Of course for that action they were represented in proxy, through Will's good offices. I thought it high time I painted the regiment and got them on strength, using the RSM95 figures bought for me by my lady wife last Xmas.

The above image gives an idea of what I'm aiming for. Since the regiment won battle honors they are allowed to wear a cockade in the Hetzenberg national colors. The cockade design later became the basis for the roundel displayed on the Grand Duchy's aircraft during WW1, but that's another story...

Now, I'm no great enthusiast for painting cavalry. Something about the acres of horseflesh that needs covering in pigment vaguely depresses me! Even so, I find my painting block makes the chore easier. I've secured the riders to their mounts using super/crazy glue, and placed the musketoons in their hands the same way. Painting the whole figure as one unit will make things easier still - I hope! Next up is the black undercoat, a mix of Vallejo black and a drop or two from the Pledge bottle, and I'm away. Watch this space...

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