Saturday, 1 May 2010

Proper Old School wargaming footage


Some interesting footage here of the late, great actor Peter Cushing, indulging in his hobby of wargaming. Using H G Well's Little Wars rules and fought out on his study floor, you can't get more old school than this!


Stokes Schwartz said...

What a neat old newsreel short! I always suspected that Peter Cushing was a neat guy. . . Now I'm sure of it. And you've got to love that Pathe announcer's old-fashioned posh accent. You certainly don't hear that anymore.

Best Regards,


Archduke Piccolo said...

Great! I knew Deryck Guyler (how do you spell his name?) and Edward Woodward were enthusiasts (the latter a convert, apparently, but never heard of Peter Cushing's interest. He seems to be a solo player.

By the way, about a minute in, the voice-over mentions that 'many of the figures are made from compressed drawing paper'. Did I hear this correctly? What might they have looked like?


A J said...

Yes, those old clipped-voice announcers had wonderful pronunciation. A shame they have passed on.

You know, Ion, I heard the same! I wonder what the process is/was, and yes, how they looked? The French Napoleonic cuirassier he was painting looked pretty darn good, if that was a sample of the method. I wonder where his collection is now?

Derrick Guyler was honorary life president of the Society of Ancients for many years. He collected flats, apparently.