Friday, 12 February 2010

Trials and tribulations overcome!

I think I may have mentioned working to produce a book in print form is no picnic. If my recent experience is anything to go by, if it was a picnic it'd be one well-visited by ants, wasps and other creepy-crawlies!

Still, the proofing is done and submitted to the printers. I just have to wait now for the next stage.

Have a happy Presidents' Day weekend, everybody!


Jiminho said...

Take Courage!

Yup, that is to say thanks for your persistence in this, good luck and most of all relax, have a beer!

I'm looking forward to seeing the hard copy when it is ready.



A J said...

Thanks, Jim! The proof copy is on the way and should reach me by the end of this week. Fingers crossed this will be the last one.

Jiminho said...

If only some of my students (and their supervisor...) turned their copy around so quickly! ;-) It is hard work.