Friday, 1 January 2010

A Happy New Year!

Another New Year upon us - where does the time go? I've had a few thoughts on future wargames projects in spare moments amongst all the jollifications.

* Work toward completing at least the nucleus of the Hetzenberg and Dunkeldorf-Pfuhlian armies. This will be a regiment of dragoons, two of infantry, one of light infantry and two artillery batteries for Hetzenberg: Two regiments of cavalry, one of guard infantry and two batteries for
Dunkeldorf-Pfuhl. Anything else will come over the course of time.
* Set up a blog dealing with my wargames projects in eras away from the 18th century.
* Model more Victorian sci-fi/steampunk stuff.
* Continue publishing the Chronicles in paperback and .pdf.

No doubt I'll stray down various highways and byways over the course of the year. In the meantime I wish all of you a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year!


Fitz-Badger said...

Happy New Year to you, too!
Looking forward to seeing what happens next in Hetzenberg (and other byways). :)

Frankfurter said...

We wish the same for you ...
and hope that the busy St. Louis wargaiming scene will soon enable us to meet!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Happy Holidays! AJ please send me your email to jeffreycavender at gmail dot com. I have something for you.