Friday, 30 October 2009

Plastic Fantastic..?

Zvezda's Great Northern War Swedish infantry.

I'm hugely tempted to buy some Zvezda plastic figures! Stokes Schwartz's excellent accounts of their use on the Stollen blog, plus recent postings on Sir William's blog have tipped my hand somewhat. Economically it makes sense. For instance, two boxes of the above set of figures gets:-

18 Hat company, marching.
12 ditto, loading.
24 ditto advancing (two poses)
12 firing
6 pikemen (convertible to standard bearers)
2 standard bearers
2 drummers
4 officers
6 grenadiers.

86 figures in total for $14.58 + shipping & handling.

Since I form regiments into 24 figures, that makes three whole units for the table, plus a few left over for use as skirmishers, vignettes, conversions, etc. True, the uniforms are of the Great Northern War, hence somewhat dated by the time of the War on the Eisenwasser, but hey, it's my imagination! In matters of scale, the figures are somewhat smaller than the metal ones I have, but since the different types will be in discrete units it won't be a factor.

Three regiments would complete the bulk of the infantry for my armies, leaving three cavalry regiments (Rumtopft's Dragoons for the Grand Duchy of Hetzenberg, the Tuhellenbach Hussars and the Seinfeld Kurassiers for the Margravate of Dunkeldorf-Pfühl) and an artillery battery apiece. As has been pointed out elsewhere, kürassiers can be modified to SYW standard from Zvezda's 1812 Saxon K
ürassiers by using head swaps from excess infantry figures. The hussars, dragoons and everything else can be made up from metal figures.

Am I tempted? You bet!
Work is progressing on the copyedits for the Chronicles. Due to work and other commitments publishing date has been postponed for a couple weeks later than I expected. They should be out in time for Xmas, so watch this space!


Martin said...

Hi A.J.,

I highly recommend the Zvezda Great Northern War range of figures! Both the Swedish and Russian forces will have infantry, artillery, and cavalry by the time the sculptors are finished. (The Swedish Dragoons are particularly good looking when deployed en masse!)

There may be another contender on the horizon though. Check out HaT Industrie at In their "Day At The Forum" section, they have pictures of SYW Prussian Infantry, Grenadiers, Fusiliers, Artillery, and Dragoons. These excellent looking figures are in the pipeline to be released in the next year or two (and in multiple scales to boot!). No doubt more varieties and nationalities are on their way, if HaT is going to cover the SYW like they do Napoleonics.

Is this a great time to be a wargamer or what?!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I've never used any plastics, but the pictures of the Zvezda GNW figures on the Plastic Soldier Review are certainly attractive:

I'd certainly suggest that you "go for it", that isn't much money to risk after all.

-- Jeff