Friday, 4 September 2009

Chronicles update

Progress has been made as my old driving instructor used to say! The first edition of the Hetzenberg Chronicles is tidier and features new material. The whole is shaping up into a trilogy, with the first book covering events up to the rescue of Ursula and Mary Amadeus and their landing in Kimmelsbrucke. The second book relates the events thereafter through the Battle of Viehdorf and the Battle of Wentwitz Bridge. The third will cover the Seige of Randstadt, the peculiar adventures that befall Mary Amadeus, and the conclusion of the War on the Eisenwasser. My beloved will cast a final copy-editor's eye over all while I create cover art. With luck and a following wind everything will stay on schedule.
* * *
Tomorrow is Labor Day weekend here in the USA. Cindy and I will be heading up to Hannibal, Missouri, birthplace of Mark Twain, for a brief honeymoon. We'll be out and about, and no doubt we'll visit the caves that inspired those Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher got lost in.
* * *
Two weekends after that we're heading over to Kokomo, Indiana for the Koh-Koh-Mah 2009 re-enactment meeting on 19-20 September. The venue is particularly well-suited to public viewing as the battles take place in a natural amphitheater and features a reproduction of a fort from the French-Indian War period. It's the first time there for both of us and it promises to be a great event! If you're in the area come over to the Frazer Highlanders' camp and say hi!


Prinz Geoffrey said...

good news all the way around. Have fun on your trips.

Martin said...

Hiya A.J.,

That's great news about the book! WOOF! WOOF! Way to go! It's nice to know that my "Hetzenberg Fix" will be forever preserved. When do you think it will be published?!

I'm looking forward to attending the reenactment at Koh-koh-mah on Saturday the 19th. Enjoy the long weekend. I think we're going to try out Stokes N.C. BBQ.



Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm glad that you've not forgotten Mary Amadeus and her sidekick Ursula . . . *grin*.

Hope that you two enjoy your trips.

-- Jeff

Der Alte Fritz said...

It sounds like both of you live within driving distance of Hesse Seewald and Gallia. Would you consider joining us on October 10th for the Big Game?

Fitz-Badger said...

That all sounds great!
Hopefully you can get some pics of the event in Kokomo to post here... :-)

Frankfurter said...

You all sound like you're having fun!
Glad to hear that the honey moon isn't over yet, too!
Looking forward to the siege ...