Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Pootling onwards

Nothing much is happening on the wargames front right now, although I've made contact with a couple of local gamers and have a SYW game in 15mm coming up in August. My primary occupation this last month involved figuring out the labyrinthine matter of "stopping the clock" on my visa so I can actually stay here with my wife.

It seems from the pictures I've seen of the Perry plastics Napoleonic French hussars that these could be an interesting set. Due to be released early next year, the set apparently includes a head wearing the mirleton. Possibilities for conversion abound!


Stokes Schwartz said...

Good to hear from you A.J.! Will you apply for your green card or US citizenship at some point? That might make things a bit easier, but then the immigration laws of the US are a complete mystery to me! ANyway, glad you have found some fellow gamers in your neck of the woods. The upcoming SYW game sounds fun. What's the chosen battle/scenario?

Best Regards,


Prinz Geoffrey said...

good luck with the government. Sounds as if you are finding some wargames opponents congrats.