Saturday, 11 April 2009

Clearing house.

If I may crave the indulgence of my readers for a moment...

I'm in the process of clearing house prior to emigrating and I came across a stash of Military Modelling magazines from 1981 amidst the heap of stuff from 30+ years of wargaming.

These are in very good condition, include useful articles by some of the foremost names in our hobby, and feature uniforms and battle accounts. The August 1981 issue shown above includes an article on Schleiswig-Holstein troops in Russian service during the SYW. They're posted on eBay at the moment, so if anyone would care to take a look they may be found here...

...just below the Dragon magazines on the page. Mailing costs are to UK but I'll throw it open to anyone who is interested if they make themselves known to me via eBay.

Best, A J

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