Saturday, 31 January 2009

Tomorrow, we march on York!

Okay, time for a shameless plug. I've boxed up all the material I aim to sell at York tomorrow. Here's a list...
* * *
4 x units of 25mm American Civil War infantry, three Union, one Confederate.
1x 15mm Flames of War (or similar) US Rifle company, with 81mm mortar platoon.
1x 25mm Gallic warband.
20mm WW2 Burma-theater British & Indian infantry and tanks.
20mm WW2 Burma (or anywhere in the Far East) Japanese infantry and tanks.

All the above figures are painted.

4x Osprey uniform guides on the Franco-Prussian War.
German troops 1870-1 volumes (1) & (2)
French army 1870-1 (Imperial troops) (1)
French army 1870-1 (Republican troops) (2)

Bruce Quarrie - "Napoleon's battles in miniature," 2nd edition.

* * *
And finally, a photo illustrating why grown men shouldn't own action figures...


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ack! Two days without a story fix.

I hope that you post more of the story soon.

-- Jeff

A J said...

Hi Jeff! Yes, the closing chapters of the first Hetzenberg Chronicle will be coming up in the next week or two.