Thursday, 2 October 2008

New conversion job - 3

Progress has been made! I had some free time yesterday afternoon so I pressed on with painting the first half of IR3 Kostanza. The final touches to this first batch have been done and I show them above attached to their bases, awaiting the rest of the regiment before flocking begins. The next batch of twelve are on the painting block even now. One figure (shown far left) lost the bayonet and the very end of the musket from an unseen weakness in the metal on being removed from the painting dowel. It now appears to be bearing a rather wicked-looking flintlock shotgun! Ideal for close-quarter combat, perhaps, but not quite the thing for the Age of Reason...
As mentioned before, these are conversions from Front Rank Napoleonic French figures. After an experiment with a press-mold failed to produce good results the tricorns (or is that tricornes?) were modelled by hand. As such, they turned out to be something of a range of sizes. On the whole this doesn't look too bad, giving an air of uniqueness to the regiment.


Jerry said...

With the gray/white hair and mustaches they look like grizzled old veterans.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Well, not everyone has the same size of head. These lads look solid to me.

-- Jeff

justMike said...

Nicely done. They look like a tough old bunch of campaigners. How large will this unit be when complete (or did I miss something)?

A J Matthews said...

Thanks, gentlemen! Justmike, this regiment will be 24 figures in size. My regimental strengths vary between 18 for those without grenadier companies (usually élite troops and mercenaries) to standard line regiments of 24 with grenadier companies.

In the fullness of time (and it will be a long way off yet) I plan to expand regimental strengths to 24 and 36 respectively. Cavalry strength is currently 12 figures, and I may expand this to 24 figures for hussars and 18 for the rest.