Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Pootling along...

One of the many discoveries I made when clearing out my workshed was a trio of Old Glory "Command Decision" packs, WW2 15mm miniatures, specifically US army riflemen and command. They were part of a consignment of a store's bankrupt stock I got years ago. As this discovery coincides with the club's interest in Flames of War, I decided to put them to use.
I must admit, painting modern figures is much easier than most other periods! Using just the basic pigments of US olive drab, field brown, some highlights and a sepia ink wash I've completed an entire platoon today. It won't take long to do the basework, and they'll be ready to take the field.
Of course they'll then be faced with the inevitable defeat/rout/annihilation that befalls all newly-completed wargames units in their first game! Is it just me that this happens to? I don't think so! This may be a wargamers' urban myth, but it happened at the New Buckenham club's ACW game to Guns at Gettysburg rules on Friday. My new 19th Indiana Union regiment was broken and sent packing within moments of arriving in the firing line. All the other Union units behaved admirably (helped by an incredible number of "box-car" rolls - 12 on 2d6). They're a nice set of rules, quick and easy to grasp. I should have a couple more units ready by the next game, so I'll see how they perform...

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