Monday, 21 April 2008

The Lead Mountain.

A poem in the style of Rudyard Kipling...

"I have a suspicion figurines breed by fission if you leave 'em in the dark for a while. When you return to the heap it has gotten quite deep and the prospect of painting's quite vile.

"So a few done each session causes less tension and it's easy if the things are the same. You no longer feel faint, just slap on the paint, base 'em up and get on with a game!"

© A J Matthews 2008. All rights reserved. Permission granted to copy if attribution is attached.


C. said...

Great poem! Kipling should be so honored to have his poetry filked so well. ;)

Time to melt down that great lead mountain and sell the metal for scrap? At today's prices... ;)

Bluebear Jeff said...

Not bad, AJ. Not bad at all.

-- Jeff