Wednesday, 2 January 2008

1,500 Visits.

Nothing much happening today, although I plan to work some more on the Bishop's Horse command element sometime. The troopers are mounted on chestnuts but the commander, guidon and trumpeter will be riding grays. I began with a black undercoat, then a good coat of white, followed by a white wash. Grays have markings on their hind quarters that I replicate using a fine-pointed hard pencil. Just draw the markings on (they resemble small circles in 28mm scale) and put a thin wash of white then a thin wash of light gray over all.
It's with some surprise and a lot of pleasure that I see this blog has passed through the 1,500 visitors mark since it opened on 15th September, 2007! Many thanks to my visitors - and here's to a happy year for us all!


C. said...

Happy New Years to you, too. You've got a great blog going here and your wargaming skills are highly evident.

Cindy :)

A J Matthews said...

Happy New Year to you too, and thank you for your kind comments. =)